Friday, March 7, 2014

In The Rain

I want to you to make love to me in the rain,
With both of us soaking wet. 
And when I tell you I want you so bad, you whisper,"Not yet..."

We cling tightly to one another, 
Our bodies entwined. 
You kiss my lips softly, 
Then place your warm hand in mine. 

You lead me to a dry place, 
Underneath a big oak tree. 
There, you slowly and passionately 
Make sweet love to me. 

Once our desires are fulfilled, 
We lie there together under the tree. 
Then you look deep into my eyes 
And tell me how much you love me. 

You pull me close and we wait 
For the rain to finally cease. 
But I don't want to leave. 
I want to stay here all eternity. 

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