Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Beautiful Song

Make love to me 
It's been far too long
My body aches for you 
Lets create a beautiful song

Play my body like a flute 
Your breath on my skin 
Bring me to the peak 
And start over again 

Run your fingers so lightly 
Making your way around 
As your lips keep the tempo 
My body moves to the sound 

Sweat on my brow 
Hair soaking wet 
I'm on verge, on the edge 
We haven't even peaked yet 

Touch me like a piano 
Fingers on the keys 
Make me weak
Falling to my knees 

Don't stop yet 
I'm almost there 
Grabbing a hold of you 
Fingers in your hair 

Then it happens 
I'm falling back down 
But you catch me 
Before I reach the ground 

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