Tuesday, March 11, 2014

In My Heart

There once was a time when you lived hours away. 
You would come visit me, but you couldn't stay. 

I always wanted you to be with me, and never wanted you to leave. 
But even once you left, I kept you in my memories. 

I remember running my fingers across your face. 
There wasn't a single spot that I didn't trace. 

I wanted to memorize every thing about you. 
Your brown eyes, your lips and even your ears, too. 

I already knew we would soon have to be apart. 
Even though you were away, I still kept you safe in my heart. 

I would count down the days until you came back to me. 
I felt lost without you... Completely empty. 

When the heartache became too much to bear, 
I would close my eyes and could almost feel you there. 

My fingertips could still feel the warmth of your skin...
My heart was soothed because it seemed like you were there again. 

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