Friday, February 28, 2014

Your Death Letter

I feel nothing for you, not even anger.
I refuse to let you hold a place in my mind.
The time I was forced to be around you,
Was enough to last me a lifetime.

I'm supposed to care that you're sick,
And your health is failing fast?
My only thought when I found out was-
Justice has come at last.

I have come to terms with everything.
With all you ever did to me.
I no longer blame myself.
I know your heart was empty.

You weren't capable of loving,
Not like a normal father should do.
I no longer blame myself.
This is all on you.

So this is the end for you..
Of this fa├žade you called life.
Your little family at your side,
Gripping the hand of your loyal wife.

I hope it is painless for you.
I hope you endure no suffering.
But I also hope the last thing you see,
Is a clear vision of  me.

As you take your last breath,
And your heart slows to a stop,
I want you to know you have my forgiveness,
Whether you want it or not.

It's not for you anyway.
I'm doing it for me.
Goodbye to you, Father.
May you never rest in peace.

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