Monday, February 24, 2014

The Key

At the lowest point in my life, 
When I was clouded with doubt
I didn't believe in myself,
And I  just wanted to shout:

"I'm a big loser.
I'm scum of the Earth. 
I don't deserve love. 
I don't appreciate its worth. 

I'm a failure. 
I'm good at nothing at all. 
When others stand straight, 
I always crumble and fall. 

I'm a hopeless case. 
I'm not worth the effort. 
Don't waste your time on me. 
It'll be your biggest mistake ever. "

I repeated those things over 
And over in my mind. 
No one could hurt me because I did 
That on my own just fine. 

It took me a long time to see, 
I didn't deserve that hate. 
I had to learn to love myself, 
And it just couldn't wait. 

It had to happen immediately, 
I had to dig down deep. 
I had to find the wealth 
Hidden inside of me. 

It didn't take long for me to see, 
My words helped others, too. 
I had the key to help,
And I knew what I had to do.  

I had to write. And keep writing. 
Write from my heart and soul.
I had to express it all, 
So that you would know..

You are not alone.
I've been in your shoes. 
There's hope left. 
You CAN  learn to love you. 

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